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Originally Posted by John Riepma View Post
Or he might post to his thread and prompt me to repeat temp to 1000F @ 36 degrees/hr., hold at 1000F for 24 hrs. Raise to 1100F at 18 degrees/hr, hold at 1100 for 6 hours. Raise to 2050F (or whatever) at 36 degrees/hr.

I'm sure other schedules work, some better, some not so much. We've done this a number of times and never cracked a pot. The cost of the pot and the contribution to Pete's yacht payments doesn't bother me, the changeout is enough of a pain in the ass to make me want to avoid the opportunity.

When we're shutting down I just turned it down to 100F and watched it carefully, it went through the 1100-1000F range even slower than the 18 degrees/hr we ramped it up at. A week later it's still at 400-500 degrees.

And your shop looks absolutely beautiful. The next time I'm going through your area I'd love to stop and see it.

Went good!

The furnace struggled to recover for about an hour and a half after each load yhough (half bag at a time).

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