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Cool back to nuggets

It was nice to enjoy most of the properties of the famed Spruce Pine over the last year and a half...what with melting the SP chips cullet, some w/er, some w/ Texas Sand, et cetera.

I have now melted 4 different cullets in my seven-year-old invested & recuperated pot: CBG (Seattle Batch's Chinese campaign--later abandoned) after build [endorsed by Dante, Lino, Sonja], then spectrum 96 nuggets, then Spectrum premium nuggets, then SP Chips.

Switched from original (96) nugs to Premium due to corrosion observations here and elsewhere (participants on this board). This issue is not that major in gas fired units, I think.

I do not make all that many paperweights but seeing them check after polishing was quite annoying with the premium (l.e.c. ninety-what?) nuggets. I do make some polished sculpturals and some pendant lights. I would rather live with maintenance issues (clean the stack, patch the door) than with the incompatability issues.
That's all for now.
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