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This whole saga with Spectrum cullet has been a big disapointment for Gaffer. When they first brought out their System 96 nuggets we were disturbed to find out that they were about 2 points lower than our standard which was tuned to SP87. I took the trouble to fly to Seattle and meet with their people about 7 years ago and plead with them to match the defacto standard in the US glassblowing scene which was SP87. They wouldn't do that because they were already heavily invested in their System 96 gig, even though their sheet glass standard was irrelevant to 99% of glassblowers.

Anyway last year out of the blue they released their new Premium nuggets. They announced that the new nuggets wouldn't be compatible with the original System 96. Hooray we thought, maybe they have finally got it on the money with SP87.

Unfortunately our tests showed that rather than moving their expansion up a couple of points they had now jumped it 1.5- 2 points higher than SP87.
As Peter has explained they claimed that this was based on sample SP batchs they had bought in Seattle.

Naturally we then were freaked out that SP had changed so got in touch with SP to see if that was the case. (Cont)
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