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How much insulation do you run on the sides?

In my opinion, as a guy who used to insulate his SiC furnace with 18 '' of fiber all 'round, the Stadelmelter is under insulated.

I think a combination of Steve's ideas and the Electroglass furnace, is where the furture of the electric furnace is going.

An ovel crucible is easier to gather from and the glass sits closer to the elements.

The door mounted from below as in Electroglass leaves more room to insulate the sides.

A thermal engineer I know told me that heat flows like water going down a stream. If it hits a rock, it flows around it.If heat hits a barrier, (insulation) it will flow to and through the area of lesser insulation.

So if you have 10'' on top and 2'' on the sides, guess where the heat is going to go...
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