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The very last thing I did today before placing your elements in their crate was to test their continuity. You do it through the end of the box where the round larger ends protrude if you poke about gently in the foam rubber. DON'T TAKE THEM OUT OF THE PACKING you will just be tempting the fates. Just probe with a continuity tester on the ends. There are two in each box. If they have continuity, leave them alone until you need them.

The crate has two wooden bulkheads at each end. It has bracing struts 12 inches down the box on the top and bottom. In the middle of the crate is an inner wooden box built out of chipboard and 1x2's. Most of it is hotglued in place like the other bracing but the top 12x12 is screwed. Remove the screws and take the elements out in their cardboard inners.

When you do get at the elements to use them, they have two wooden braces in the elements themselves to prevent compression or tension. You will have to remove the wood on the cold zone. Do it very carefully. On the hot zone, let it burn out. If you try to pull it, you'll break it.

These things are well packed. Yours are better packed than the ones for the other Lawrence since his were more locally shipped. It's coming via an expensive fed ex air delivery. It's the only way I do international. UPS is just unreliable.
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