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Everyone will have a different opinion/method on this, but here's what I did. I drilled two holes the length of the brick on 2" centers with a 1/2" aircraft length drill on a boring mill. The bricks, while 2800's, are still punky enough to drill easily. The holes are slightly larger than the element shank (.040"-.060") and the element slips in easily. To prevent the chimney effect I cut pieces of high-temp fiber paper the size of the end of the brick and die-punches two holes in them slightly smaller than the element shank. I slipped these onto the top of the shanks above the brick and below the electrical connections where they would be cool enough to not degrade and tight enough to prevent the chimney draw from starting. We have not seen any problems at all after 3 years. Melting Spruce Pine batch, leaving the door cracked open slightly when charging to vent.
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