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The on center for a 6/12 element is 50mm. The on center for a 9/18 element is 60mm. The diameter of a 6/12 is 12mm or a touch under 1/2 inch. The diameter of the 9/18 is more like 3/4 inch.

When making a passage brick for a 9/18, you need to use a 3" thick 2800 IFB

Charlie and I will be making and selling passage bricks.

I don't really see the need for having an element/brick unit made up. It only takes about fifteen minutes to have it ready and when you have lost an element, you have pretty much lost the blowing session anyway. While one person is dismantling the old unit, the other can be readying the element, unless there is only one of you of course, a rarity it seems in hot shops.
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