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I would never advocate for not having a kill switch ( what an appropriate name for it). I am simply telling you what happened to me when I made contact with the crucible while it in turn was touching the element live. There is such a thing as liability.

On my existing furnace, if you open the door far enough, it makes the kill switch roll over and the furnace goes live again, which I find useful in my continuing mistreatment of this great tool. I was over at Josh Biernbaums studio in Vermont yesterday and was amazed to see how clean his moly is. Mine on the other hand has crap all over it, a sticky door, and generally looks pretty trashed, sort of like the rest of my shop. Josh's is pristine.

As to the crucible, I don't like it getting closer than one inch from the lip. I do think that the torch heat up through the clean out will help enormously on any size pot.

I really have to clean up that glass I spilled in December...
Where are we going and why am I in this basket?
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