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Thanks Doug. Even if I knew 94.25" blade would fit I still never would have found it there. Great price I'll order one on Monday and let you know what I think of the quality.

The Denver blade is .020 thick and is listed at 180 grit $179
The Kingsley blade is .026 and listed as 140 to 170 grit sale $125
Normal price of $184

I'm sure anyone selling a blade for a machine and doesn't list it as being American made will be an import. Quality is all over the board and I hate spending money on what may be garbage. That said next time around after these two blades die I'll bite the bullet and spend the extra money with Jersey diamond and see if the price is made up in quality. Mark at Jersey can deliver a blade at the thickness you want with the grit you want. Consistant grit size I'm sure will reduce chip out but maybe the varying size grit will speed up production. I'm lumping this all up as a learning process.
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