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Don't buy an oxygen bottle. Find out who your nearest welding supplier is and lease the bottle from them, or shop around if you have more than one supply. In leasing, you just exchange the bottle when it's empty. Get the largest bottle they have. You go through O2 really fast. Most serious lampworkers I know have three or more big bottles. While you may start out small, you'll be amazed at how fst the oxygen is gone. Not so for the propane. A 20 lb bottle will really last quite a while. Be forewarned: If you own your bottle, you can't exchange it. It gets sent off to fill and that takes time.

As to danger with the oxygen. If it gets involved in a fire, you already have way worse problems. Propane bottles are far worse from a fire department point of view.

Go to Wale Apparatus on the net. Look things over. They do sell combo fuel and O2 regulators and hoses and torches. I would start small and see if the interest is sustained. If it is, you can go larger. Big torches use a lot of fuel and are a serious expense. Get protective glasses while you're at it. Wale is a good general source and they can be very helpful. They also sell borosilicate rod and tubing.

If you really get serious, you may want to look at getting an O2 generator but that's some ways down the road.
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