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First look for 5 liter per minute units. If you are hooking more than one up in sequence the LPMs need to match to avoid damaging the units, and 3lpm units are just too small. Second look for low hours. Every one has an hour meter on it to indicate how long it has run. Below 10000 is great, above 30000 is risky. It can be tricky to impossible to find someone to repair them, so don't count on it. I got lucky and found someone in N. California that is repairing them and by that point I had 5 dead ones waiting for service. Some brands are better than others, but it doesn't matter a whole lot.

When you go to look at it, have the person plug it in and start it up at least an hour before you get there. It can take a while before an alarm situation can have time to manifest. Check the indicator lights to make sure the unit is in the green and not indicating a problem. Check the condition of the prefilter and filter. Sets run about $30 if they need replacing.

Make sure when running them to NEVER close off the O2 valve on the torch and stop the flow while the units are running.This will damage the units pretty quickly.Just leave it open and shut your gas on and off. They also do not like to be turned on and off a lot, so just start them and let them run until you are done for the day.
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