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Maybe think twice before getting all that lead cullet.

Enviro issues, reasonable and unreasonable, are a big burden on small businesses these days. You might have some bureaucrat hit you with some serious fines and penalties for having that stuff. Just plain old glass dust is a very hot item among the enviro enforcers at the moment. They would probably get very excited about the lead content. Particularly since you hauled it in there and it's not some leftover from the past.

I was in the scrap metal business for many years and finally had to give it up. I ran a very clean operation but enviro enforcement and declining prices finally tilted the risk to reward factors too far in the wrong direction.

I would hate to see you take a big hit right in the beginning.

It may seem like a fairly minor point at the moment, but the low toxicity of this particular batch could become quite important in the future.
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