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Jim Vormelker
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Gaffer in a [mini] Denver

In an effort to reduce dust, and because I am close enough that shipping doesn't kill me, I switched from SP87 to Gaffer (Phillips).

In my huge, 60# Denver, I work down about 60 - 65% between charges. Charge in 2 or 3, +/- 10# - 12# fills. Set to 2250 and leave it 24 hrs. Down to 2140 to work.

Clear, bubble free.

The variable is the popcorn effect when the Gaffer goes in. The pellets pop and land on the sill. There they melt and create a seal to do the door.

I like the glass (I don't work fast enough yet for slow setting to be a problem.... to me it's a virtue) but may have to go back to SP87 to be able to open the door.
Jim V

I have been melting SP87 for 3 years now in my Denver 135 # furnace.

When I charge, I usually let the furnace sit at whatever the working temp. was until I put the last of the batch in to fill the crucible. Then I ramp up to 2225 and let it cook for 10 hours, drop the temp. to 1900, let it squeeze for 2 hours then ramp up to 2050 where I work at.

I almost every time come out with beautiful clear, bubble free glass.

I am going to try Gaffer in the fall and see what happens.
Ed Kozlowski
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