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Originally posted by kurt walrath

I made a few good changes to the design when
I put in the new elements. no time to update the
website though.

Sayyyyy, I just LOVE the new crown and door design (what was the inner ring casted out of again?).

The only worry I would have is that the inner crucible is air sealed from the furnace air chamber. I understand (from much firsthand experience) that with a small gap over the crucible there's the risk of glass pops getting on an element, but the problem I had when I tried to let the crown come down to meet the pot was that when charging it created too large of a temp differential from inside the pot to the outside of the pot and the pot pitted and went to hell 3x as fast as when I left 1" of air space between the top of the crucible and the crown. (My solution involved leaving the 1' gap and preheating my charge)

Are you fired up yet? Is this new and improved SuperKurtMelter running any more efficient than the last? Is a gathering port that's only 8" wide by 11" deep big enough?

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