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(what was the inner ring casted out of again?).
2900 deg insulating castable.

You just need to find a way to fit an extra leg of elements in there.
As it says at the beginning of my furnace page
I used my spares as an extra leg after the 1st
few times I charged. The only way to get more
elements in there would be to rebuild it with
another layer of ifb in the chamber. I put 3
grooves per brick in there to begin with. If
I was to do it again I would probably make the
chamber taller so I could add more elements.
Time is money when charging and the element cost
in cheap in the long run in my situation.

your heaters only cost $20?
They are a stock replacment item from Jen - Ken
Kilns. I'm pretty sure they are Kanthal A-1.
If they are nichrome then 8 months melting 100#
of batch 3 times a week is really good.

The only worry I would have is that the inner crucible is air sealed from the furnace air chamber.
In real life I found that my frax seal between the crown and the pot burns out. there is a small ( 1/2")
gap between them after the frax goes. I dont think
that I get much stuff passing through the crack though.

Are you fired up yet? Is this new and improved SuperKurtMelter running any more efficient than the last?
It's not really new and improved. i just swapped elements
a few months ago and while I was in there I rammed
some plastic castaBLE over the place where the
drips from the sill went down and contacted the
2900 deg castable of the crown. it couldn't take the
direct glass contact and it pitted the castable
and spit tiny stones into the glass. That rammable
stuff can handle the glass contact fine and my stone
problem disappeared.

I don't think it's any more efficient than before
it just melts way faster with new elements than
with 6-8month old elements. (more power)

Is a gathering port that's only 8" wide by 11" deep big enough?
I pull some big gathers through it but I wish it
was 10" wide sometimes when I scrape the sides.

A 7-1/2" wide gather would probably make a 16"
goldenflow, it's alot of glass.
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