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Fluorine would still attack the quartz. I think anything that can isolate the element from the gas would help. The white is not much of an issue to melt. Doing Cad sel stuff is more problematic. Cad sulfide always resisted complete melting, always from the cadmium compound side. Drawn from the pot at 200 F it looked a lot like crabs legs. It did melt in eventually and resisting turning it up to do so was a fine tightrope to walk. Too hot, the pot dissolved. Too cold, hard to get the melt just right.

I think the furnaces which are essentially muffle furnaces work best with a seal around the top of the pot at the door. Then, the elements are isolated. At that point the heat has to come through the pot walls and you are back to what Durk described with Anti''s melt problems. But it's still better.

Ideally, I'd melt fluorines with gas. After all those years of the moly, I confess it's really nice to be back to serious horsepower from propane. Nat gas would be even nicer.
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