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You are correct about them being cagey. They will hardly tell you how to modify your formula in glazes if something isn't working.

Most of them are $25/pound. They work in glazes from 5-20%. This first round was a 5% addition. I'll be doing a test melt on Friday with a 10% addition charged at temperature instead of brought up with the kiln. Not counting the base glass, even at a 20% addition you're only looking a $5/pound in materials for colors in the $16 to $23 range.

This second test will be in 300 grams of 70 mesh spectrum regular powder. I added a mango yellow and two different erbium mixes, 5 and 10%.

OCR is also currently grinding up some cristalica for me since we'll be using that eventually. I'll be able to proof these while melting and maybe blow a bubble this time as well.
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