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The kiln for hot charging is not available to me until Friday so I went ahead and loaded some more tests last night at my studio. The conditions are the same with the exception of the base glass being 70 mesh powder. Hoping for better results with a more homogeneous mixture. I'm expecting a little boil over with the powder as well. I have 13 pots with 7 different colors in various concentrations. I threw in some erbium tests at 5 and 10% additions too. I'll probably have to go to batch to get something compatible at those concentrations. In my correspondence with Eric at Uroboros he mentioned I might want to cut down on the alumina in my batches at those higher levels. His erbium casting glass was beautiful at 5%. He also told me to get rid of the calcium if I wanted a nice casting glass. I've got about 5 pounds of erbium play with.
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