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You'll need gold chloride, which you can buy, and the info from Pete (who makes his own gold chloride) is here:

and some more from Pete circa the lost Craftweb archives:

"Gold Sands are sands impregnated wiuth gold chloride. I will have a full lurid treatise on it in my vapor book. Essentially you add gold chloride to silica in a one gram per hundred gram ratio and mix it well. The aqua regia is the carrier for the gold chloride. I mix it up like a very sticky bisquick mix using my very best non leaking rubber gloves. This really stinks and should be done in a very well insulated area.
You will have a LOT of trouble making a gold glass without lead. It can be done but it's weak. It also needs selenium to set the strike crystals in action. I would advise procuring a bit of Lead monosilicate if you are serious. It won't kill you but treat it with respect. Up to 10% in a batch and you can replace the calcium in the glass with lead gram for gram."

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