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Buying gold chloride is an expensive way to do it just as making silver nitrate is far cheaper than buying it, but it does take process. After my first trip to SHanghai, Wang Kai gave me three bottles of gold chloride weighing about a pennyweight each in content. That's enough to process three hundred grams of gold sands. I think it takes about 200 grams to process about 20 pounds of intense color rod. You do have to have the lead.

I get pretty absent minded with this stuff. I lost 3000 grams for about four years, then I misplaced about ten pennyweights of 24K gold which MaryBeth found last week and then found yet another 1200 grams of gold sands I made as a demo to the last color class tucked away by the big ventilating fans.
It's not hard to make. Keeping track of it is my big problem. It's true with silver shot as well.
Where are we going and why am I in this basket?
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