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I bite the bullet josh and buy a troy ounce of gold shot. If you don't use it , it's easy to sell the same day based in market. I've made profits on gold but I follow the drill I used in the class and nominally 0ne troy oz makes about 3000 grams of gold sands. They don't degrade but having them dry is really nice when it comes to the screening and you won't have that with the bottle.. It's not cheap but 2.5 grams will make you 250 grams of the sands. The basic formula called for 200 grams of the sands as I recall. Right now I have enough sands to make about 45 pounds of a gold ruby and that's a lot given the concentration of it.

When you buy the bottle, you are paying though the nose for process. It's true with silver nitrate as well. My mom bought me one in 1969 ( I miss mom). It had 1/8th oz of gold in solution. Big present. I didn't use it for 25 years.

I just keep losing the gold Really, I misplace it sometimes for years. I lose everything. There's too much stuff here. Eric shakes his head. Now Mary Beth keeps all that stuff in her special little box since she has no confidence in my stewardship. I have to ask her for it. Since I can't remember what I've been up to, I take great joy in finding a pound of silver in the box that I forgot about. Aging is just part of the multiple grand systems failures. Vision, circulation, hearing, sex, blah blah blah...Parts are hard to get. Learn to do this now is my message. Your mentors are going toes up.
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