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I recently bought Nitric and had a good deal of difficulty doing it since my address was not viewed as commercial. I mean I couldn't get anyone to do it until.... ( amazingly) Graingers. It arrived without issue. You may have the same issues, so a simple heads up.

The two cups hydrochloric to one part nitric was based on using an oz of fine gold ( and do buy fine gold shot 24K). In any of my ventures making the chloride, it was a slower reaction than the one for silver nitrate taking two days.
So, the excess acid won't hurt you but do take note of handling the gold sands. If you run them through a sieve which you really should or they clump badly, really wash that sieve when you finish or you will find the acid has made short work of it and it has a big gaping hole in it. You might wonder why I know that. I mixed the solution up in a regular Erlenmeyer flask which is a boro glass.

The extra acid will make it far easier to mix the fluid easily into the silica but no, you don't need it. It could be an issue where the sands are just sloppy wet since normally an oz of gold goes into 2800 grams of sand. The formula you got from me called for 240 grams of the gold sands which would have used 2.4 grams of gold. I checked this morning. If you use more gold, the ruby gets far darker.
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