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I cast a 3/4 inch thermocouple tube into the door when I had to rebuild it from all the goo the borax caused. I put it in so that the tube came out right at the top of the doghouse. I stuck fiber in the outside hole when I wasn't charging.

If I was to do a door without a total recast, I've used a 3/4 inch masonry bit 12 inches long to drill it. That is a standard masonry bit at any hardware store.

A friend did something I thought to be ingenious and he cast two holes. One would have a line from the compressor fitted out and the other was just the exhaust. He would melt fluorines in the SiC furnace and was clearing those fumes about once an hour when charging or working. He let it sit the rest of the time and never had trouble with his elements. It does make the temperature drop some but only briefly.
I can't imagine the browning to be anything but Selenium in reduction. I do think it's the case that melting GLASMA caused issues if you over fired it in alumina pots. It is a beautiful glass though. They do make a lot of formulas. GLASMA for a while was making cullet but they stopped about two years back. If Oceanside had any brains, they'd start to melt the 2.0 in Tijuana.
Where are we going and why am I in this basket?
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