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Originally Posted by Rick Wilton View Post
and yet almost every fusing class is 80%+ women.
I agree with that and if you look at the warm glass board it has input from both sexes constantly. Speculating over that runs some enormous risks I suspect. Mechanical skills? Welding Skills, Electrical wiring skills, all traditionally male occupations. Instructors failing to take female students seriously? If I looked back on the success levels of women in the '70's and 80's I think of Flora and Joey, Sonya B. Flo Perkins to a degree, Audrey Handler , Anne Warff at Kosta. I have no doubt that leaves many out and I'd just apologize in advance but they came to mind. It's always been a male dominated field.

In fusing, there's tons and bunches.
Where are we going and why am I in this basket?
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