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Firehouse Glass is located in Vancouver, WA, just outside of Portland, OR. We offer year-round classes in glassblowing, casting, kilnforming, torchworking and coldworking. We offer studio rental every day from 9:00 am - 10:00 pm.

Our facility has been praised by such people as Fritz Dreisbach as one of the nicest studios in the country. We have a complete hotshop that was designed by Fred Metz at Spiral Arts, including (2) benches, (2) 17" glory holes, a 550# day tank furnace, a garage, (2) front loading annealers, powder box, colorpot furnace and all of the tools and toys one could imagine.

We also have complete coldworking, kilnforming, and torchworking studios that are fully equiped and available for rental.

More information can be found at

Give us a call or drop if you are in the area!
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