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Back when I was about 40 I had a lot of tendon issues , particularly in my left arm at the distal connection of the elbow and also the ones in my wrist from hyper extending my wrist too much.

I was lucky enough to be treated by the sports doctor for the Chicago Bulls and what he stressed was that you simply have to ice down after every working session for 20 minutes to a half hour and to do it religiously. He said inflammation is the primary villain in every debilitating joint injury. It swells up and if you don't reduce the swelling, it grinds. Once it has ground out a nice hole, you are in deep shit. He was not a fan of glucosamine saying he saw no value in it unless you owned stock in the company.

He also had me doing exercises with my fingers doing ten reps each way in every direction and it's hard to explain: He had me bend my wrist from being straight to a 90 degree angle down 10 times. Then from a closed fist, opening and allowing your fingers to stretch as far as you can ten times. Then opening and closing your fingers ten times. Also hyperextending your wrists slowly (SLOWLY) so the back of your hand comes up and faces you ten times. Every day do this. Then work.

He said too many people confuse their work with their exercise. He said those tendons need stretching just like athletes need it.

He could not stress icing down enough.

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