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Design items to be made from several smaller components and then assembled instead of straining over large pieces. Glue can be your nfriend as it has been for some of Chihuly's and many others.
When dealing with really heavy pieces use a yoke on wheels to maneuver around. Carrying heavy items is mush more strenuous than just lifting. Some people swear by using a stand up "bench: instead of having to get up and down from a traditional bench.
I think that warming up some parts of your body before working is good too. When I've had strenuous physical therapy, they always put heat packs on before starting, and as Pete said , ice down when finished. When I got my knee replacement they gave me a machine that has a large cuff on it that has either warm or iced water that is pumped thru it. It can be used on many parts of the body.
Figure our how to use molds more so some steps can be reduced.
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