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Like Tom said "use a yoke on wheels".

My yoke is on a track that rolls all the way from the glory to the bench. The bench is facing 90 degrees to the left, instead of facing the glory, so the end of the rails are inline with the track. I work outside of the bench standing up, using both hands while my assistant turns. I have a long blow hose, so I can blow while paddling and papering. This really helps for making heavy stuff. I'd always felt handicapped when watching potters use both of their hands. It's great to have a pad in one hand and a paddle in the other, or a paddle in each hand.

I've been fortunate and haven't had many physical problems yet. I think my technique has evolved some over the years, and I have learned to work smarter and be less demanding of my body.

I have had great results with chiropractics for back pain.
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