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Originally Posted by Pete VanderLaan View Post
I used to run into people who worked in that glass shop in Vermont which really used glassblowers up. I forget the name. Young ruined glassblowers. I also remember watching young glass people carrying around the ferro for Lino and having their knees virtually buckling from the weight. None of them are in glass today. Not using your body like the parts are easily replaceable is a good plan.

All those tools could be on wheels at just the right height.
When I was 19, Dale offered me a job at the boathouse when he was visiting Rhode Island. "Come out and work for me, you'll love it!" Was what he told me. I declined due to the fact that I knew even back in the early 90's that Dales studio chewed up people and spit them out.

Not taking that job is the one decision that I have made in my life which I often reflect upon and question, but Petes post here is very reassuring to me.
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