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I am grateful that I do not have the repetitive motion issues of a glass blower, but I do have my share of lifting, awkward positions, etc. I try to mix up the work so as not to have hours of the same thing, and I design my equipment and work area so as to be as kind to the body as possible. At 59, the thing that I think has contributed the most to my being free of any major joint, tendon, back, etc. issues is a lifetime of daily exercise. Every work day I walk for 2 miles up a 350 foot incline and this is a wonderful stimulus to a high pulse rate. Every hour (out of 8) I do 3 1/2 minutes of upper body for a total of about an hour and fifteen minutes of exercise. The thing about this routine is that it is integrated into my day with no need for a gym, club or whatever. I actually enjoy it. I think of it as preventative maintenance that has kept my machine in pretty good order. I intend to die in the midst of some kind of strenuous activity, either in bed with my wife, on a trail with my kids, or in my studio, preferably in a few decades. This rather mild regimen is an insurance policy toward that.
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