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Originally Posted by Pete VanderLaan View Post
I found a place that will sell it to me at a very nice price 90Lbs for $37.00 BUT they won't ship to a residential address, something I've hit before buying Nitric acid.
Fed Ex has seized on this residential address listing which was done by some arbitrary means and it is killing shipping crucibles right now. Many studios are not in business districts even to the point of not being allowed in business districts so it's a catch 22.
With the pumice, all I've been able to do is to explain that pumice isn't exactly a chemical, it's a mineral. We'll see. A dental supply refused to sell it to me.

Used to be I'd drive down St Francis Drive in Santa Fe and get it at the Navaho plant. The city grew up around the facility and the neighbors who had all bought the vacant lots around the place started to complain to the city. The facility was grandfathered in but eventually the pressure turned into a nuisance and they left town. Now, I'm 2500 miles away looking for a crummy bag of 0 3/4 pumice. The 90 lb bag used to cost me nine bucks. I gave them cash to use at Dunkin Doughnuts.
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