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Brent Cole, the professor at BSU, is a smart guy. I would expect BSU's program to grow and do very well.
Brent, his wife Stacey, Eddie Bernard, Adam Ridge, Ryan Blythe, Myself, and so many others all had a wing ding doodle of a good time together (@ least I did...) at the New Orleans School of Glassworks in the mid 90's (can't remember if he was on staff with Jim Mongrain, John Christe, Kate Rhroads, + others), but I do know he has a ton of experience + them smarts...
Most importantly for BSU, he is a grounded and gifted teacher- they will grow and thrive.
Andy Brott
p.s. Besides he was born on the same day, in the same year (12-18-68), as Me, so he must be be cool;-)....

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