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Hard to find Books for sale

I have listed a number of rare or hard to find glass books from my library on EBay. It is time for them to find new homes. Iím at the stage in my career of getting rid of those things that I know others can use. They would be of no value to anyone in my family and would more than likely end up going to Goodwill.

Here are the Ebay listings:

Glass Notes 4 by Henry Halem Item ID: 163695613359

Firing Schedules by Gram Stone Item ID: 163695631758

Advanced Glassblowing Techniques by Ed Schmid Item ID: 163695612230

Recipe Book for Practical Glass Melting by Wilhelm Schmidt
Item ID: 163695611673

Ceramics and Glass: A basic technology by Charles Bray
Item ID: 163695620970

Hot Glass Information Exchange 1st printing
Item ID: 163695732026
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