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It isn't that the books are of no value to me. They knowledge they contain has been and still is essential to operating my studio. I'm just on the other side of the curve today. I've got all the equipment I'll need to make the remaining work I want to make. I know how to get from here to there without needing them. I'm getting rid of the things that I no longer need and passing them on to others could use it.

I'm surprised by what people find essential or of value... I know 95% of the people will never make their own color but there's not a lot of information out there. Most won't build equipment so I can see why they may not think Glass Notes is of value. Ed's book is the best visual aid to techniques there was, way before YouTube.

To me the most valuable essential book to every studio is Graham's firing schedules. Every studio at some point is going to need to figure out how to anneal that 4" paperweight or thick casting. How fast do I bring up that batch of big Graal pieces? The money spent to get it wrong just once outweighs the price of a book. I really think it is because most people have never encountered it. It is a huge contribution to the glass world.
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