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Originally posted by Pete VanderLaan
Jon indicated to me that if I wanted to run direct from the wall that I needed a completely different set of elements to do it. They were available. As Henry pointed out, as did you, that when you get into a big pile of elements to balance the load, the savings goes out the window.
in my examples, you use the same elements and the same number of elements, so it does not cost any more. and in both of my examples, your electricity use is exactally the same, so the operational cost is the same. the only trade off is transformer vs. a little bit of fault tolerance.

it is good that you can get elements that operate at different voltages and currents. that gives you more things that you can use to optimize the furnace design. if a 3000 watt heater operating at 15 volts and 200 amps cost the same as one operating at 60 volts and 50 amps, then where does the savings go out the window?
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