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The joys of Academics... Alex if you own anything, I hope you have a PLUP in place- and thank you for reaffirming my decision not to pursue an MFA. Years ago, I had thought this lack of a terminal degree would hurt my career . I was wrong, it would have suffered if i had chosen that path- as I burned out on teaching, and got a great education in the private sector. Thankfully my world does not care what of degree you have, it's your work that counts.
That said, I know craft without theory, is just is just an object and my work depends on research and or science of design. I greatly respect Jon Clark, Mark, Peter V. etc... and hope you will lear to see beyond petty politics.

The oil of academics does not mix with the water of the free market, but you can make very good salad dressing with vinegar and oil.
It's just too bad I can't enjoy it on Grand Isle Louisiana anytime soon.
In loving memory of Steve Stormer,
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