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So after doing PRP for my chronic golfers elbow, torn bicep and torn rotator cuff last fall, which didn't work by the way, I had to resort to surgery this August. I'm in the beginning of my 7th week post op and I'm getting some mobility back and can finally drive and stop wearing the damn harness. I may not be getting back in the studio until Thanksgiving to do solo work. Usually during this time of year we are pretty much doing ornaments so I'm hoping I can at least get in soon running bits. Has anyone else had both bicep and shoulder repair done? How long before you were able to work again?
I also had some arthritis clean up and an area of my clavicle excised, repair for shoulder impingement and as long as I was on the table I was able to get my hand surgeon to come and do an arthritis surgery on my middle finger of the same arm. so I have a lot of things to factor in for healing time. My hand has been the hardest and most painful next to the bicep. My middle finger is still pretty swollen - I can't even hold a pencil yet but I can give a mean ugly looking finger!
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