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Well, I'm on my 5th pot of this stuff and I'm still just thrilled. I'm charging and melting at 2200F, working at 2050. It will squeeze in about 4-5 hours at 1900 or 2000. It will reboil if I go above the valence change on the antimony around 2100F.


It anneals (for me) around 920-40F top ed of the anneal range ...your mileage, thermocouple, annealer, phase of the moon, or quantity of chicken blood sprinkled with incantations or arrangement of idols may vary. Of course both annealers are 10 degrees different in what they want, and that's going by the ol' slumped cane test.

I really should have done the slump test first, I turned a days worth of furnace bead cane into something Salvador Dali would have been proud of.

I get an occasional white silica snot (literally just one or two tiny ones) on the top of the melt clinging to the pot wall occasionally. No big deal, pick 'em out and continue on. I'll also get maybe one or two silica (clear) stones in some, not all melts. Also not a major issue for what I'm doing. Long cooking does not seem to change either of these so I'm thinking I may have some not-quite-enough mixing issues, or of course, higher cook/charge temp would probably help but that's not a recommended option with the wire melter.

I don't know why this is... but my nasty 'ol pot has quit throwing iron into the glass and it's coming out beautiful and clear.

I'm SO happy with this glass!!!!!


I definitely heard you on your warnings about changing COE with the silica and not messing with the soda/potash ratio, and about how this formula is not kind to changes...but....two of the modifications I'll eventually want to try are bumping this stuff up in COE to go along with Moretti and getting a good manganese purple, which, I suspect, should require much more potassium to eliminate the brown tint.

If I try these two things what sort of trouble should I be watching for? Cords?

When I try for the Moretti match would it be wise to keep the soda and potash at the same ratio to each other as the original and up the quantities or would more of either the soda or potash be a safer way to go?
I don't mind the cost of using more potash if it will make nicer glass.

A little research turns up a recommendation for substituting 13 parts potassium carbonate for 10 parts sodiuim carbonate for equal alkaline effect. Does this match your experience?
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