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well. I think that trying to convince some folks that moly is a better, yet more expensive system than wire is like trying to convince some people that invested crucible melting really is not the way to go. I'll stop trying on the moly like I stopped trying on the crucibles some time back. The issue about 2250 is absolutely true. Most colors just can't sucessfully be melted that cold aside from fluorines. As Dave has discovered, melting unoxidized glasses without fining agents is an absolute bitch under 2250. The moly is unrestricted as to its performance. You just turn it up. I thought it was all about ease of operation. In it's own way it reminds me of the recuperation issue. They take maintenance, and a fair amount of it. I don't think it's much different with element replacement and shutdowns. I don't want to shutdown more than once a year. I could never maintain that time spent on dinking with elements that a wire unit is going to take. My time has simply gotten too valuable. Strip it all away and a small moly melter can be built very reasonably for relatively little output of cash. Matt Bezark sure did it. Mine is just a big assed expensive hulk but I like them that way.
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