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Phill Cusens
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Some 18 months ago I asked about the trident seal test, I got replies that I could not agree with. It is probably the most simple test for testing "compatability" of one glass against a standard, it is far easier than the ring test and infinately more accurate than the thread test.
It seems to me one can get one's recipe to within a point or three of where you want to be by using English and Turner's! Well within the ball park to use the Haggy Trident Seal test. Obviously one would have to choose a standard.
My guess is that there are't many glass blowers out there, especially the week end warriers, that could make an accurate ring to test.
All that is necessary is that you look at the Gaffer web site and send a piece of cane and Gaffer will test it free of charge now waht more could you ask.
This has been a very educational thread and I congratulate all who have given thoughtfull, intelegent input.
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