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Kevin Bethea
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Hey Warren,
I got a message today from a guy that works with you. I think his name is Zack. I thought I was in trouble when the head of the art department told me she got a call from from an alumni in Cincinatti and he was wondering what was going on and I think he even called Ralph. She is my figure drawing teacher too and I was a little worried since today was also crit day for a self portrait. Today was the first day back from spring break but needless to say I had a talk with my glassblowing teacher today and I'll be calling Ralph soon. It was funny but I think I explained my thirst for knowledge. I think she still called me the village idiot but I kind of said that's why I am asking for the information. It takes a village to raise a glassblower I guess. Anyway, tell him I said hello and he'll probably tell you the funny stuff Laurel said about me. I could only imagine. I found some color samples today but they were from gabbert and not what I thought they were when I saw the box. I'd really like to make the ice blue that I saw though. We'll see what happens.
kevin bethea
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