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Kevin Bethea
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just an update

I mixed some cobalt blue and a teal last week and they both came out as expected. I fritted the cullet and followed the directions that Ralph had left. One of the advanced students showed me the right way to weigh the bucket, add glass and weigh that, multiply glass wieght by 450 to convert to grams, then muliply to get the percentage of colorants needed, and then mix in the bucket. Nothing too hard but it is a start. We have had visiting artists this week that are alumni of our school and I got a good bit of tips from them also. I met Ralph and he encouraged me to just buy kugler bars since the color selection is limited but he gave me some good tips too. Lots of new stuff for my notes. Soon I hope to try some more of Pete's suggestions and I think I can convert the 7 pound stuff into percentages and I'll see what happens next. It seemed like 21 pounds is easy to mix still so maybe I could just multiply the colorants by 3 and save myself from doing some math too. Thank you so much for all of the great advice. I'll keep going and let you guys know when something comes out.
Kevin Bethea
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