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Originally Posted by Jordan Kube View Post
Most of them are $25/pound. Not counting the base glass, even at a 20% addition you're only looking a $5/pound in materials for colors in the $16 to $23 range.

This second test will be in 300 grams of 70 mesh spectrum regular powder. I added a mango yellow and two different erbium mixes, 5 and 10%.
OCR is also currently grinding up some cristalica for me
So, I take it that the intent is to make color for solid constructions as in Boro sort of things? I take it it's not for casing? It seems like it takes a lot of the stuff to get a transparent when viewed through the cut up mold. Were your tests in a soda lime or Boro?

I haven't bought cad sulfide in fifteen years at least. I doubt I'll ever have to buy it again and it's been at least that long since I paid about $4 bucks a pound for selenium, so it's all sticker shock. I know currently that about $60 dollars a pound for SE is in the range and CdS around $22.00 last time I looked. I think making 20 lbs of a very dense red took about 90 grm CdS and 43 or so on SE. I keep lowering the range to lighten the glass up around an 8/5 ratio. The base is critical. Do you have the analysis of the cristalica? If you don't I can get that to you. My main objection in it is the Borax. I never tried coloring the stuff when we brought the first loads in to Spruce Pine. Andreea had sent me a box from Dobern but I was having enough trouble just getting a clean melt. There are a few hundred pounds still down in the tractor shed and I might be able to bring the crusher up from storage there if Phil doesn't work out. Once it snows, that's much harder to do.
I'm just not clear on what the proposed application of this would be. I understand what you say about the vapor but I doubt it's going to really be that clean without a torit filter. It does seem really expensive to me.
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