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Old 11-27-2002, 07:17 PM
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Handtools at the glass bench

Blockhead Tools
P.O. Box 31096
Seattle, WA 98103-1096
Greg Allen
Blockhead makes five styles of wooden blocks, as well as custom carved molds. They also make paddles, pacifiosis and steam sticks. I have used their paddles which seemed fine but hav never tried their blocks. I mostly marver anyway.

Cherrywood mold shop
Walter Evans
2725 Millbranch Rd
Kenova WV 25530
Walter makes both round and oval blocks. They are excellent and they are really inexpensive.
If you are old school, calling Walter and reminiscing about the good old days is always a good way to kill half an hour.

CR Machine
30 Danforth Road
Rindge NH -3461
Knurled blowpipes. You either love these things or you hate them.

Cutting Edge Tools
P.O. Box 3809 Chico CA 95927
FAX 530-342-0771
Handtools of all types as well as blowpipes and punti rods.
I was fortunate enough to get a set of Jeffs large jacks last year during a major commission. They were a godsend. Now One year later I am still in love with them. They show no signs of wear and are a delight to use. I also love my Tagliol I got from Cutting Edge.

Gott Steamers
Allan Gott
143 Sunbank Way SE
Calgary Alberta T2X2E4 Canada

Carbon fiber handpad for shaping glass. I do use these occasionally for glass shaping and consider them to be another very handy tool to have in your pack, especially if you are traveling.

Palmer Tools
10506 Crestridge Drive
Minnetonka, MN 55305-1610
Handtools for the glassblower

Putsch Tools
Putsch and Company
P.O. Box 5128 Asheville NC 28813
FAX 828=684 4894

I have always though of Putsch tools as good for the beginning student who was not yet sure that they were ready to make a committment to glass although I have always liked their diamond shears. My friend Donald Carlson still uses their blowpipes for light work and he loves them.

Jim Moore Tools for Glass
P.O. Box 30936
Seattle WA 98103
Handtools of every size and description.
I have a pair of Jim Moores cup Jacks and his 400mm jacks and like both of them

Spiral Arts
430 South 96th St # 5
Seattle WA 98108
fax 206 768-9766
Fred Metz
Blowpipes and Puntis. I have never used them. They look nice and everything Fred builds is exquisitely designed.

Steinert Industries
1507 Franklin Avenue
Kent Ohio 44240
1 800 727 7473

Blowpipes, punti rods, molds, marvers and handtools.

I like Steinert pipes and molds just fine and I have a large pile of them in my shop. They are reasonably priced and John will rebuild them for a song. I would caution anyone away from their handtools though. I bought a pair of diamond shears from them used them once and have never picked them up again.

Wale Apparatus
P.O. Box D
Hellertown PA 800-334-9253

Not really a glass handtool company for furnace people but is a good source for lampworkers. I buy my Kevlar Gloves here as well as flip up lenses.
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