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Had to dig through a few boxs and found 4 new and 4 used of the
inf 240 at 15A
Also found 2 new 240 at 25A.
10 total.
They have no dials. but are not the hi, med, low units.
He wouldn't take any money for them, but I do have to "buy him a beer sometime" so it looks like you got yourself a deal.
I will ship them out Tues. after the holiday. Priority Mail. Once you have received them, post the Secrete code phrase "THE EAGLE HAS LANDED"
I hope they work for you. Soldering the connectors to the posts all ways delayed burn out for many years, if i remember correctly.
Visiting my appliance repair guy who the towns people refer to as Big John is always a pleasure. Great guy to have on your team.
Have a great week end, My son and I are riding the bikes up to Lake Superior to hunt down some Muskies.
"Itís all a big game of construction, some with a brush, some with a shovel, some choose a pen." Jackson Pollock
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