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Country is country.

To quote David Allen coe:

"If that ain't country, it'll harelip the pope"

Explained here for our urban friends:

Or the real US history...which involved alternative civilizations like the Dismal Maroons.
If you look them up, official history brushes them off as a few escaped slaves who lived in the dismal maroon swamp in the Carolinas.

The maroons were actually a large civilization of all races and persuasions with the only qualification for entry being opposition to (or being wanted by) the government. They owned that swamp and any lawman who ventured in never returned. Some groups split off and moved elsewhere. Sort of like disgruntled Baptists in the south (inside joke for those who know).

There's a town north of Seattle where everyone has a perfect South Carolina accent. Descendants of the original Dismal Maroons who settled there in the 1800s. That's a long way from the Carolinas.

I've always been amazed at the similarities in rural life be it north or south.

If they could get over the civil war they would all get along fine...for a little while.
Think Hatfields and McCoys...Paddle faster, I hear banjos...

Perhaps best they don't.
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