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I would need to see your basic clear formula you want to add it to if you wanted me to see that privately. If not, I can't speak to Alexandrite specifically and much depends on your choice of alkaline flux that dominates. Nominally, I would start at 2% and see if you like it, particularly if it is not to be cased in anything else. The thicker the work, the better it will look. As Josh says, 4% in a 1000 lb pot would be pricey and it would be wise to perhaps start with a smaller amount. That being said, if you were buying that much, you could likely get a better price.

Nd can come in a number of %'s and is curious that way. I see Nd203 60%, Nd2O 72% and NdO 90% offered from various spots. I have some NdO I would sell but it's not enough to do 1000 pounds. I'm clearing out some chemicals I doubt I will use again.

I would anticipate compatibility issues at anything above 2% and even perhaps there. When I go to US pigment, it lists 95% at $25.00 dollars a lb. Josh may know better.
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